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About the book

The book is a riveting, mesmerizing, engaging, and disturbing portrayal of the author’s cinematic transformation from a rookie cop to a relentless, streetwise, battle-hardened veteran police detective. The veteran graphically describes his action-packed career. Maurice is confronted with the most dangerous and horrific close encounters imaginable while patrolling Baltimore and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

While working undercover, the author is forced to examine and reconcile his upbringing as he operated in the shadows immersing himself in a lifestyle that he spent his entire life trying to avoid. While battling drug dealers, murderers, and robbers, another battle emerged and expanded beyond the streets.
Some of the author’s fiercest battles extended to the halls of the Criminal Investigations Division and the Narcotics Enforcement Division. The author works to free himself of the political entanglements and office politics that often clash with his mission.

Maurice believed his career was in free fall, but a crisis shook the community. Against the odds, Maurice emerged as the lead investigator of an FBI Safe Streets Homicide Task Force, creating the biggest challenge of his career. Maurice confronted the same drug dealer with whom he clashed while working as a patrol officer. The drug dealer ascended to become a Kingpin while Maurice became a detective. The author dives into the shadowy world of pimps and prostitutes as he works frantically to stop the killings, trying to nab the most dangerous and elusive Drug Kingpin in county history, suspected of 12 murders.
The book makes a powerful statement, revealing the complex psychologies underlying police work and the unexpected empathy and compassion some police officers bring to their job every day.

About the author

Maurice grew up living under siege on Baltimore’s notorious, violent, unforgiving streets. He was an introvert who spent his formative years trying to avoid the vortex sucking the life out of inner-city youth.
Maurice Hicks is a decorated 20-year Maryland law enforcement veteran. Maurice served as the lead investigator of the FBI Safe Streets Homicide Task Force for almost three years.

Maurice worked in various capacities in law enforcement, including patrol officer, patrol sergeant, patrol commander, detective, detective sergeant, and detective lieutenant. Additionally, Maurice worked at several detective units within the police department, including Street Narcotics, Major Narcotics, Intelligence, Robbery, and Homicide.

Maurice received numerous awards and commendations during his tenure in law enforcement in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. Some of these accolades include two Chief’s Awards of Merit and a Veterans of Foreign Wars Award.

Mr. Hicks earned a master’s degree in Management from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor’s degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland, Global Campus. Maurice has worked as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, Global Campus, for 22 years, teaching criminal investigation and several other police and security-related courses. In addition, Maurice has served in various capacities at the university, including Course Chair and Peer Mentor.

For the last 15 years, Maurice has been the proud owner of a private detective agency in the State of Maryland and the State of Nevada. Maurice earned the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Certification in October 2006. Maurice is the father of five children and seven grandchildren.


Testimonial 1Expand

I never met the man who saved my daughter’s life, but to him I will be eternally grateful. His name is Maurice Hicks.

He’s a private detective in Las Vegas, Nevada. His company is Global Investigative and Management Solutions.

His credentials listed were what we were looking for. What we received was so much more, we received the ultimate professional.

My daughter is a drug addict. Heroin is her drug of choice. I had flown her from Arizona into Nevada to a drug treatment center late on a Friday night which turned into 1am on Saturday morning. This was following a two-year period of her being homeless and on Heroin. She tested positive for 11 drugs in her system at the time of arrival at the center. Heroin being just one of them. I was assured that she would be kept separate for at least seven days during her detox period. No outside contact. It was why we made the trip to Nevada.

Two days later the facility took her out to a public gym which she fled from with another girl. By day 3 the other girl was dead. She had died of an overdose of Heroin. My daughter was still missing. Out on the streets in a town she had never known. We felt the clock was now ticking and IF we were lucky enough to find her alive, she had a chance. Her friends’ chances were now gone.

Her father hired Maurice Hicks sight unseen. After interviewing by phone several other private investigators, it was Maurice that he had a good feeling about. Maurice is an ex-police lieutenant and knows the streets of Las Vegas well. I am told by many, the areas that a drug addict falls prey to in Las Vegas most never make it out from. It’s called Naked City behind The Stratosphere.

We didn’t know what to expect of this man we had hired. He has daughters of his own he had told us. We heard his compassion. This was good. He was a police lieutenant he understands the law. He’s worked in drug enforcement.

What I didn’t know but grew to become familiar with were his ethics and tactics.

We received daily, mostly live on site correspondence via text and email from him while he was on the job. No wondering are we getting billed for hours and is the person really working? As we are in another state and would never have known. Maurice wanted to always make sure we were kept fully in the loop as to his every move. We really appreciated that as we were frustrated that we couldn’t get out there ourselves to find her. When I suggested my coming into Las Vegas, I was told it is much too dangerous on these streets for me and he knows them well.

He put up fliers all over the pertinent areas, walked the streets fearlessly questioning everyone he could. He followed lead after lead. He was persistent, knew the areas to look and never stopped prying.

He was asked specifically to follow certain wishes we had if and when he was to find our daughter, with regards to the approach that would be used. We knew she would be on drugs and difficult to deal with. If we had one window of opportunity, we didn’t want to lose it. He followed them to a T.

20 days into his hire on Easter Sunday the call came. “I got her, I got her!” with great excitement.

Maurice was honest, diligent, and really good at his job. He stayed in touch afterwards to see how she was doing. He cared. He is a wonderful and competent man. If you have an unfortunate issue that requires a private investigator, I highly recommend Maurice Hicks.Testimonial 2Expand Over my many years of practicing law and working with various private investigators, I can honestly say that I have never met a Private Investigator who is even half as good as you. For example, when we tasked you with finding a homeless person in Las Vegas who had lost touch with our office, you meticulously collected leads from sources and people that no one would even think to ask. The steps you took ultimately led you to locate our client in a remote area all the way in the north rim of the Grand Canyon! We were on a time crunch to find our client, and you found him well before the deadline we gave you. You also sent us multiple e-mails from the field detailing your progress so we could rest assured that everything was being done to find him. In the end, your bill was extremely reasonable, itemized, and less than what others were quoting us.
I rarely recommend people since I don’t like to put my name out there for average work, or even good work, since I feel this should be the norm. However, your extraordinary skills, work ethic, and professionalism put you on my extremely short list of people that I will be highly recommending to my friends and colleagues.
Thanks again,
FRN, Esq. Testimonial 3Expand “Mr. Hicks was very professional, kind, and efficient. He was very polite, and he got the job done in an expedient manner. It was a pleasant experience dealing with him, and I highly recommend Mr. Hicks to anyone in need of his wide variety of services.”
Mandy Crispin