From Information to Security, I’ve Got You Covered

My name is Maurice Hicks. I am the owner of  Global Investigative & Security Solutions, LLC. which is based in Baltimore, Maryland. We offer superior investigative, security, and legal process solutions for our clients.

Private Investigation

Discrete and completely confidential, my private investigative services are guaranteed to deliver accurate and reliable results. We take on the most difficult cases that other companies shy away from. We take on some of the most challenging criminal & civil matters that require investigative expertise. 


Private Security

We ensure the safety of individuals and properties from theft, vandalism, and violence. We can also assist in the protection of intellectual property and sensitive corporate information and files.

Legal Process Assistance

On behalf of my clients, we locate some of the most elusive people evading process service.


We are Here to Help

Let’s talk. Get in touch with me today to learn more about the services we offer.